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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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schoolbus. her family understandably upset. and now they say they need to speak out for their little girl and now they say they need to speak out for their little girl and so many others like her you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it. ♪ >> one neighborhood countless car wrecks. tonight, you asked and fox 29 gets results. plus a wife's debt pate pl plea. >> please come forward.
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put my heart to rest. >> her husband found dead. police may have the clue to find his killer. >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. tonight police say they are looking for several people. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the beloved father and postal worker retired found dead in a local middle school parking lot and nearly one week later his family just wants answers. our brad sattin is live in darby. brad? >> reporter: lucy, police really baffled with this one. they really are in need of public's help this man brad heys was a father, a grandfather, even a great grandfather. like a lot of us last week, he was watching the eagles game on monday night football, but a few hours later, he was found dead. >> he was a goodman. you know, he never did anything wrong to anyone. >> reporter: haveness is hey z is pleading to answers talking us in the dream home she recent bought with her husband 57-year-old brad heys who died last tuesday morning in what police are investigating as a
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homicide. by all accounts, a good guy, a family man, retired after a long career witness post office. >> warm personality much his jokes he just told jokes all the time. his smile. >> as this long-time former co-worker describes him -- >> really nice guy. really nice guy. >> reporter: what happened has police baffled. brad was home watching the eagles monday night football game last week with his brother. the two stopped briefly at a b bar. brad then dropped his brother off at his home near lindberg boulevard around 1:30am. flash ahead several hours. darby police say brad heys died after he was found violently beaten inside his car in front of pennwood middle school on summit street around 4:00 a.m. last tuesday. his wallet found few blocks away. he arrived there with someone who ran away when police pulled up. another man was also spotted nearby and was captured on video with the suspect. police want to talk to both of them and two witnesses who were also caught on camera. >> he didn't pick up strangers. so i think whoever did this new
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him. you know, he wasn't one to go around pick up strangers in his car. >> it's not like we were looking, you know, the guy was selling drug. he had a domestic. the guy was involved in this. none of that comes up report roar his wife has no idea what happened in those few unaccounted for hours overnight. >> if anybody out there has seen anything or knows anything, just please come forward, please put my heart to rest. >> reporter: now police say they do have a good bit of surveillance video of both the suspect and the person of interest. they are in the process right now of enhancing that video and it could be released sometime soon. iain and lucy. >> thank you, brad. we have breaking news. let's go to philadelphia's olney neighborhood where police are investigating at tack of 26-year-old woman who robber stabbed. skyfox over the scene earlier tonight. it happened about eight on landis street. the robber stabbed that woman in
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the arm and hand much she's at the hospital but should be okay. they do not have any arrests at this moment. devon harley has big day tomorrow. it's his first time in court since authorities says assaulted deputy sheriff in south philadelphia. depth piece are questioning the 32-year-old about the disappearance of a 14-year-old girl when he tried to drive home and hit one of them before crashing. the fbi believes the young teen was in harley's car but took off after he crash. burrow thinks she may have got caught up in human trafficking operation. hannah jones is new missing. >> new clues in the deadly hit-and-run in port richmond. philadelphia police just relea releasing this picture investigators believe this is the van that hit a 31-year-old man and just kept going. victim died at the scene earlier this month. fox 29's dave kinchen is live outside the accident investigation division in north philly with details. dave? >> reporter: iain, these are often very difficult investigations for police who work accidents. they try to find the vehicle,
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try to figure out who was driving it hahn else may have been inside it but at this point they're at step one. >> the van on your screen is wanted for taking the life of 31-year-old eric mag knee on the 2200 block of east allegheny avenue on october 14th. police say it's a white chevy express van the kind you can fit 15 people. no it has a chrome and black front bumper with the right headline assembly busted and looks to have damage on the right side of the bumper all indicating big impact. right aft the crash, police explaining what they found at the scene. >> his shoe was found almost a block away indicating that the vehicle may have dragged one of the shoes all the way to the next corner. which is a distance of several hundred feet. >> reporter: crash investigators believe the griever's door as dark marks on it although it could be a logo or something else.
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also there are tinted windows in all sides including the back doors. detectives know notice front bumper has a pale yellow license tour vanity plate which could hold an nj tag. >> who he have was the motorist, they need to come forward and contact the police so we can help solve this and bring some closure to the families. >> reporter: late tonight a friend of the victim told me he was a goodman with a good heart. that van was last seen traveling down allegheny headed towards memphis. tip off the police if you have any information. your tips can be anonymous. back to you. >> all right. dave, thank you. delaware man facing 26 charges tonight. police say 30-year-old robert johnson is responsible for several home burglaries in delaware. authorities say johnson broke into homes in magnolia starting in september through october. he was arraigned today on several charges including burglary and theft and is now being held at the james t. vaughn correctional center on
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$30,000 bond. delaware county man who entertained children at party social security now in jail accused of raping children. investigators believe he has at least five victims but worry that number could be far greater. fox 29' chris o'connell joins us live with more on the investigation. chris? >> reporter: lucy, the allegations would make any parent's skin crawl. delco man who made money playing costume cartoon characters at kids parties tonight is charged with raping young boys. >> when he comes to children's parties he will dress up like mickey mouse or mini mouse or elmo, dora, barney, and you pick the costume and he'll come to your kid's parties report roar the man behind that mask 43-year-old michael anthony crips of colwyn shouting obscenities at the camera minutes after the district attorney charged him with the rape and sexual assault of five
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young boys throughout delaware county as young as five years old. first starting a relationship with their mothers. >> exploits these young boys. he sexually molest these young boys and if effect he ruin these young boy's lives. >> reporter: it gets even more disturbing of the investigato is say crips ran a costume for higher business and did party posing as all kinds of costume characters for 65 bucks an hour. delco parents we spoke with were creeped out to say the least. >> fear, shock, um, great concern and wariness to bring anybody into a situation like that. >> it's a shame. it's a shame. it's like you can't do nothing. it's like the world is going crazy. i don't understand. why kids, though j why kids. >> reporter: investigators say none of the five victims were party clients. but police say with crips history with children, they fear there may be more victims.
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>> we're very concerned that we're just at the tip of the iceberg here in delaware county. >> reporter: now crips has been under investigation for the last several year but prosecut prosecutors say they had had enough evidence to charge him until now. he remains in the delaware county prison tonight a judge has set no bail. lucy? >> all right, thank you, chris. the ninth week of the corruption trial of new jersey senator bob menendez and his wealthy friend may be the laugh week. the defense rested its case. the judge denied the mistrial request. democrat accepted free flights and other gifts from florida dre for political influence. both men say they are merely good friends and deny any bribery arrangement. >> after eight weeks, 50 witnesses and hundreds of documents i am and my lawyers believe this jury is ready to render a just verdict and i'm
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confident it will be not guilty. >> tomorrow the judge will give instructions to the jury. supreme court ruling made it difficult to convict a public official of bribery. >> in the investigation into russian meddling of the 2016 u.s. presidential election, charges have now been filed president trump's former campaign manager paul manfort and his business associate rick gates have pleaded not guilty. they are the first to face charges in special council robert mueller's investigation. fox's can caroline shive system live in washington, d.c. with more on this tonight. caroline? >> reporter: good evening. it has been a bombshell day here in washington as these highly anticipated charges emerged from the special prosecutor's investigation. president trump handing out treats monday evening while earlier in the day grand jury handing out indictments. the president' former campaign manager manfort and rick gates pleading not guilty to 12 counts
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brought forward by special counsel robert mueller in highs long running investigation into the trump campaign with special ties to russian. couldn't support see against the united states and conspiracy to launder money. >> today, you see an indictment brought by an office of special counsel. that is using a very novel theory. to prosecute mr. manfort. >> reporter: news sending shock waves through the capitol with democrats on the hill making it clear that the investigation should proceed unobstructed. >> the stakes could any other be higher. that is special counsel mueller's job and it must be allowed to perform it without interference. >> reporter: even some republicans warning about the consequences if the white house tries to disrupt the investigation or replace muell mueller. >> i have zero concern that mr. mueller is in jeopardy of losing his job. some effort to do it without a good reason there would be holy hell to pay. >> reporter: we're learning a former trump campaign adviser
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jon george pap dapples pleaded guilty three weeks ago of charges of lying to the fbi. >> caroline, live for us in wads tonight. thank you. >> hair yanked out of his yell girl's head. her family says it happened on schoolbus and what happened next had them looking for a new school. also, a fault thee traffic light months of crashes then one phone call to fox 29. we're getting results. and brand new developments in the case of a man who set off a mult
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>> philadelphia police need your help to find a killer.
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they released surveillance video today of a man they believe is responsible for shooting and killing a 17-year-old boy on north 16th street in west oak lane. now, october 18th the man in that black hoodie you see right there walk down 67th street. moments later that is just running away with gun in his hasn't. any information call police. little bit of a tussle on schoolbus sounds like kids being kids but hair pulling so bad it leads to bald spot has one& family extremely upset saying it was not handled in the right way. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live from spring garden with more on this tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: iain the family says they were being handed off to staff member after staff member and they weren't satisfied with the out come. now, they have since transferred the little girl to another school, but they say they're speaking out so other parents won't be discouraged when fighting for their children. >> i started checking out her head that's when i seen the bald spot. >> reporter: did he nay, couldn't believe what her 18-year-old daughter said happened on the schoolbus.
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>> the girl came up and pulled her hair. >> reporter: she's in second grade at mathematics civil and science charter school. she says a beginning grade school girl did it on the bus ride open on october 19th. she mild contacted the bus driver and ceo who would ask the bus coordinator to look into it. >> somebody would handle the situation. it was totally unacceptable. and they would get back to me. >> next day they got call from the principle. >> spoke with the mother of the child as well as the student and they were both remorseful. the little girl was crying, and he believes the situation is handled own with. >> reporter: they weren't satisfied and sent this e-mail to the school's ceo asking that the punishment be re-evaluated. three days went by and they didn't hear back from the school they posted pictures of her on facebook from before and after the incident. nearly a week later, they met with school officials ultimately decide to go with zyiah from the school.
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>> i didn't trust them with my child any more. >> veronica joyner is the ceo of the school. >> i'ming that the issue was being handle #-d and i was unaware until wednesday when the parent came in to school that it wasn't and i apologized to her. >> she feels the family didn't give her enough time to handle the situation and says the bus company shares responsible the. >> under incident in question occurred on the schoolbus and they don't work for me. >> her grandmother says it's not over. >> you're to the going to treat my granddaughter like she's less than and she's not valued. she matters. >> reporter: and the family& says it is also talking with the charter school office for some help although this particular school is an independent charter. we'vely reached out to the bus company. we'll let when you know we hear back from them. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. developing now at delaware grand jury has indicted the man accused of a deadly office sheeting. 37-year-old radee prince appeared in court today charged with eight counts of including a
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tempted murder these charges of course stem from shoot tag used car lot in wilmington nearly two weeks ago. earlier that day, he's accused of shooting five co-workers killing three of them in maryland. prince is facing murder charges in maryland. fox 29 getting results tonight for drives and pedestrians in one philadelphia neighborhood. that is where malfunctioning traffic lights are behind all kinds of crashes. even more accidents near accidents in recent months but since we first aired this story earlier this evening, neighbors have already started seeing changes. fox 29's bruce gordon reports from cobbs creek. >> reporter: the folks who live and work near 59th and catherine have had enough. enough of the car wrecks and near accidents that playing this busy intersection. boom, bang, blammo. all captured on security cameras at the a and t deli on the corner. >> i think the light is together
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green. >> reporter: both sides are green. >> yeah, for both sides. >> reporter: actually a little more plated than that. three of the four traffic lights facing east and we believed catherine street traffic has malfunctioning yellow lights. here's the view from the drive's seat as you approach the intersection eastbound. got a green light. then the signal goes blank and as you cross 59th, suddenly a red light appears. block captain troy barred. >> god for bid an accident happens an car jumps the curb and kills one of these charges. that's the reason why we try to get this taken of look. >> that scene played out early saturday afternoon one of three accidents within a 48 hour the struck vehicle southbound on 59th careened on to the sidewalk where odessa mitchell's pride and joy play. >> seven-year-old grandson playing out there and you go the to worry about cars running up on the curb getting hit. >> have to worry about it all the time. >> a huge hole in 59th street just west of the intersection and there since early summer
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forcing drivers to slows down making them less likely to get through the intersection at high speed much neighbors have been complaining to the city about malfunctioning lights here for months without response. >> nobody has done anything. anything. if it wasn't for you guys coming out here today, nothing still has been done. >> reporter: least four lights have no yellow i immediately called my contacts at the streets department. e-mailed them as well to report the problem and low and behold just as we went on the air at 5:00 p.m., a streets department worker arrived to replace the bulbs in all three malfunctioning lights. the intersection is now safe. >> now if only we can get the street department to finish paving that hole up the block. fox 29 getting results in cobbs creek. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. a major expansion of state gambling signed into law by pennsylvania governor tom wolf under the measure the state would become the fourth to allow online gambling and the first to allow online play for casinos and the state lottery. governor wolf hasn't always been
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enthusiastic about state gambling but the state needs recurring revenue stream. ♪ >> still ahead. a major change for every store in new jersey that sells one thing, cigarettes. >> just one problem a lot of people have no idea what's about to happen. >> also, this story. >> reporter: before las vegas, before sandy hook, there was the springfield mall. i'm chris o'connell. we're taking a look back more than 30 years later at one of the nation's first and most notorious mass shootings right here i
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a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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♪ the search is on tonight for the guy who stole thousands of dollars worth of tools and electronics from a car repair shop. police just releasing this surveillance video from boulevard auto repair in olney. investigators say early friday, this guy broke into there -- that business on the 500 block of west roosevelt boulevard by breaking the garage window. he was able to get away with $3,000 worth of stuff. if you know anything, police want to hear from you. in two days age restriction on buying tobacco products in new jersey is going up and catching a lot of people by surprise. governor chris christie actually signed this law in late july with little fanfare. but as fox 29's joyce evans reports, this law is now getting all kinds of attention and the people who sell cigarettes are bracing for angry customers. >> nobody knows about it.
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>> nobody, even we didn't know. >> reporter: we got the same response from south jersey merchants. >> came in the mail. >> i just got it on saturday. this saturday. >> reporter: store after stor store. >> i got only one sign like, you know. one little sign. that's it. >> reporter: so jay patel is making his own signs. larger, plain black and white. >> going to be shocking news for them. >> reporter: starting november e moves from nope to 21 to buy tobacco products in new jersey. that includes cigarettes of, of course cigars rolling papers, all kinds of pipes and, yes, e-cigarettes. >> they'll be mad. they'll cussing and everything. >> reporter: and merchants like jay will have to be the messenger, the enforcer, the one libel. >> first violation is $250. >> reporter: had you. >> second violation 500. and the third one is thousand. >> reporter: making new jersey the third state in the country to set the legal tobacco buying age at 21.
10:25 pm
>> i think it should be older than that. >> i think that's the right age. >> it could even be higher in my opinion. but 21 sounds reasonable. >> reporter: even smokers although little older than 21 say they wish such a restriction was in place when they were minors. >> you should go to to the store and my mom and get cigarettes for her. 13 years old. >> she started smoking at 14. >> not because i'm 23 but because there's minors out here getting a dicked early. >> they do because the youth can stop smoking but it's not going to happen. once people are a dicked they're going to get it from anywhere. >> reporter: now there are concerns that young smokers may just come across the river to pennsylvania or delaware and stock up. or 21 and older people may buy tobacco products and sell them to the underaged. especially down the shore on college campuses, but representative of one of the lawmakers who sponsored the measure says, the good they hope will come out in the end will outweigh the negatives. it may take time. joyce evans, fox 29 news.
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still ahead, 32 years ago tonight, he was the hero who stopped a mass shooting at a local mall. today, he's still fighting crime right here at home. ♪
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♪ >> 32 year as today a shooter opened fire in the springfield mall parking lot killing three people including a two-year-old boy. eight others were hurt and it could have been a lot worse if it wasn't for a man who eventu eventually became a state trooper. only 24 at the time that hero jumped the shooter from behind while another wrestled that gun away. >> police credited him with saving all kinds of lives. the stunning part is that is not the only mass shooting he survived. chris o'connell shares how that tragedy shaped his life forever. ♪ >> reporter: decades before las vegas or sandy hook. >> ran over a mile to get as far as we could. >> reporter: long before mass
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shootings became a household term, there was the springfield mall shooting. >> we had entered the mall on the upper level of the concourse, and we were just walking around. there was actually an art exhibit going on there. >> reporter: at 24 years old, jack lauffer had just taken the scam to be a pennsylvania state trooper. on october 30th, 1985, he had just finish dinner on a first date. he took his date to the springfield mall in delaware county. >> we thought it's mischief night night before halloween it's got to be prank. but then it rapidly became obvious causing shear panic we heard series of loud pops. >> reporter: those pops came from a ruger 1022 rifle in the hands of silvi gentleman zobrist a25-year-old diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. packing a store bought semi automatic in the back of her
10:31 pm
datsun b210 see grist wearing green military fatigues a knit hat and black boots started shooting in the mall parking l lot. she thought through the mall second floor doors firing random coming face to face with lauffer and his date. >> how close was she firing to you? >> it was almost as i closed on her it was almost point blank. >> reporter: four minutes after the violent rampage started, lauffer who is now the chief of police for the city of coatesville credited with disarming one of the nation's most notorious mass killers. >> at that point, she seemed a bit incoherent, and once i got the rifle away from her she didn't want to initially give up the rifle but once i got the rifle out of her hands she offered no further resistance. >> she killed three people including a doctor and a two-year-old boy. she wounded eight more. she was found guilty but insane. she's now serving three life
10:32 pm
sentences in state prison in monday see, pennsylvania. >> but 21 years after the springfield mall shooting, ama amazingly it happened again. jack lauffer found himself in the middle of yet another mass shooting. >> he elected to take the kids hostage one day in a one-man schoolhouse in lancaster county. >> lauffer was then the troop commander and one of the first responders to the nickel mine shooting on october 2nd, 2006. gunman charles roberts took ten girls hostage inside an amish schoolhouse. >> he executed five of them and critically wounded the other five. pretty much a blur. you know, we work long hours between the investigation into the shooting and then also covering the five funerals for the girls. it was a long couple of weeks. >> now a days the seemingly daily reports of mass shootings
10:33 pm
brings lauffer right back to those two days years ago. >> you're looking well. >> so are you. >> you have blessed day. >> to you, sir. nice seeing you again. >> he says although law enforcement has come a long way in helping protect against mass shootings society hasn't. >> we're better prepared. better trained to respond. as far as the community and society goes, you hate to say it, but have they become more hardened or just acceptive of the fact that this is meant to be or not necessarily meant to be but this is just modern times and the way we live? >> reporter: if there's one thing two tragedies have taught him -- >> those things that you say, well, could it never happen here in my career obviously i've learned different. >> but lauffer's live change the in more ways than one. remember that first date at the springfield mall 32 years ago? the hero ended up with the girl. >> it's always there.
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fortunately like i say i would go on to march receipt girl i was with the day of the springfield mall and we've been married now for over 30 years and have two beautiful daughte daughters. definitely an interest weighing to start a relationship. >> chris o'connell, fox 29 news. that is silver lining to that dark cloud. the fbi and philadelphia police need your help to find a bank robber. authorities say this man hit two places in the past two weeks. on october 18th they say he robbed the freedom credit union on princeton avenue handing the bank teller threatening note and motioning towards a gun in his waistband. he did the same thing saturday at a td bank on woodhaven road. both times authorities say he took off run wig the cash. >> on july 18th mayor jim kenney created the office of violence prevention. three months later violence is still problem in the city. today the residents of kensington neighborhood held a vigil in memory of those lost to
10:35 pm
violence. it started in later afternoon at the mcpherson square library. families lined up pictures of the their loved ones on the steps of the library. they mourned one of the event acts of violence a 16 year old shot two other teens in south philly last tuesday night. >> we're losing people every day, every day and we should be outraged, and no one comes out. we do events like this, everyone should be out here supporting us. >> the mayor' office provide add statement in response to the violence stating "while shootings are down and the average age of shooter social security actually increasing, these losses are no less heartbreaking". >> so your children are ready to trick or treat tomorrow. they got the costumes, the flashlights, it is game on. but what they do between houses could save their lives. and then, we are so proud of our seven and one philadelphia eagles but what they did for children at chop today, well, that is something special.
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hmmmm. you don't have to be an expert. because now peco will visit your home and help you save. peco. the future is on. >> breaking news saul limb connate. police in pennsville say they're investigating a murder. this happened at pennsylvania
10:39 pm
terrace apartments on meadow road. right now, authorities will not confirm to what us whether the person who was killed was a man or woman. or ho how they were killed. officers as you can you can city are still on the scene. >> halloween a few hours ago local leaders have a warning about keeping children's safe. neighborhood gathered to go all over you will of it. these tips they can save lives. children should lift their masks up between houses. so they can see where they're going. trick or treaters need to wear costumes that drivers can see. and police are also urging drivers themselves to be extra cautious while on the roads. you may not recognize these guys without their pads, helmets and jersey. instead today the philadelphia eagles got in the halloween spirit and spored costumes at the children's hospital of philadelphia. the kids they were more than excited. especially after were there eyeing win. our bill rohrer has the story. >> reporter: just like on game day philadelphia eagles players suited up.
10:40 pm
not for a game but to put smiles on kids faces here at children's hospital of philadelphia. >> 100 or so kids pack inside the atrium to meet some of their favorite players all dressed up for halloween. >> what's up, man. >> joel walker and nigel bran ham signed autographs and handed out all sorts of goodies. >> spider pencil and sunglasses. >> ten cereal liam is unable to join the festivities back at home. but that's not stopping him from having one of the biggest smiles of the day. >> nice to give them distract. take them away from everything else going on. it's a nice relief for them just to be able to pull himself away and meet nice people and, you know, take a couple minutes out of the his day and change it up a bit. >> this is the third time minute help native and halloween chef bow allen has volunteered at this event. >> these kids are troopers. they go through a lot to hang out with them, to just interact with them, coloring with them a little bit and make them smile is really highlight of the day. >> reporter: zac is here with
10:41 pm
his two-year-old daughter sutton. >> now not about football today. it's about community support. >> support these families appreciate having. >> it's tough. >> we're going to get through it. >> in philadelphia, bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> next families stocked up with groceries completely free. free. one guy is making it happen. all right. kathy. it's might nippy outside. >> it certainly is. we're talking about chilly temperatures out there and temperatures that are going to be even colder tomorrow morning. some 40s somebody 30s and that's clear skies.
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♪ halloween is tomorrow but christmas just eight mondays away if you can believe that. rock feller center in new york getting in the holiday spirit they announced this year's tree will come from state college, pennsylvania much this norway spruce will be cut thursday november nipth and wrapped with more than 50,000 multi colored lights and crowned with a star and then it will be lit for the public to see november29th. >> you'll start dancing to little christmas song right there, iain. he didn't though. local organizations helping put food on the table for those in
10:45 pm
need. during difficult times families struggle with simply getting their next meal. but one man has made it his mission to give those grocery away free. our bill anderson shares how he's doing it for goodness sake. people are having hard times. like myself, i'm out of work right now. just had surgery. times are tough. i'm retired so every little bit helps. >> reporter: more than one out of every four people in philadelphia live below the poverty line and several more are close to it. that means they may not be sure where things as basic as their next meal are coming from. >> i live by myself and every little bit that i can get helps report roar twice a week every week wednesday philadelphia is trying to help. people leap up here to shop, shop probably isn't the right term. because this grocery store it doesn't accept any money. >> we come out and we help provide people in the community with free groceries.
10:46 pm
>> this man is the founder of community solutions cdc. helping neighborhoods. he's a family man. raised blocks from the grocery give away he understands personally the needs. >> i have family, a wife, daughters, i know how it is to stand in the grocery store and make life or death decisions. >> reporter: he knows the decisions so he doesn't want people to have to make them. it's an honor system. no background checks, no need to qualify, until the food runs out, if you need it, come get it. >> i can take a get a bill paid, you know, without having to spend extra money on food. >> report roar most of the food comes from local grocery stores and farm donations. some they pay for. they're response al for the transportation of the food, the quality of the food, but the he and the team they simple thing because it's a necessary thing. i didn't have to create the wi will. i took something that somebody was going to get rid of and i gave it to somebody who wanted
10:47 pm
it. >> reporter: that's simple but live changing act takes place tuesdays at shepherd and saturday at three other locations and the more donors help the more people they can serve simple things we can all do for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. take live look at the ben franklin parkway. it is chilly out there tonight. cold start to your work week. kathy orr tracking a chilly halloween much she's got your forecast in 152nd. >> in weather tonight it's getting colder by the hour. temperatures are plunging. we a clear sky out there. looking good on the parkway. ultimate doppler showing a clear sky as high pressure takes control of our weather. cloud less skies nothing on going ton 90 the winds out of the southwest right now it's 50
10:48 pm
in philadelphia. 49 in wilmington in dover. 44 in the poconos and 51 in allentown. as we go hour by hour, we'll see a few clouds to the north and west. otherwise a clear sky, a westerly wind during the day tomorrow and temperatures pretty much where they were today. the big difference is going to be the lack of wind so much more comfortable afternoon. overnight these lows sinking pottstown 39. waking up to 33 in the poconos. 42 in trenton. 42 in wrightstown. 45 the low tomorrow morning in millville and 42 in wilmington. so a chilly start to the day. light jacket or sweatshirt definitely required and then by the afternoon you see that deep blue sky, low humidity the high near 60. but that's below average for this time year. sunny skies west wind at about five to 10 miles an hour. now as we look ahead to halloween, wow it's going to be a chilly night out there. but not wind and no rain. so that's the good news. during the day, temperatures will reach their peak in the afternoon. by about 4:00 o'clock still 58.
10:49 pm
once the sun sets it gets dark about 6:30 about 54 degrees. by the 8:00 o'clock hour looking at a partly cloudy sky and 50. so not so bad on your seven day forecast from the weather authority wednesday increasing clouds. that's your coolest day of the week. thursday morning clouds, 70. 72 for friday. saturday a chance of a shower the same for sunday. by monday the high temperature 67. so we bump it up almost 10 degrees next monday compared to today. look at thursday and friday, though. those are the great days to get outside and just be outside. because i think this could be our last hoorah. we are entering november but you know what, kristen, we did have thanksgiving once that was in the 70s. >> ooh, that sounds nice to meme i'm going to take that. phillies have made it official. gabe kapler is their new manag manager. what is he all about and what made klintock pull the trigger to higher him. i'll answer all those questions coming up next in sports.
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>> a delaware county man who ran a side business dressing up as costume characters at children's
10:53 pm
parties, accused of raping children. fox 29 news at 11:00 is ne next. >> your nissan sports wrap on fox 29. ♪ the phillies have found their man and gabe kapler the director of players development for the dodgers. he's played 12 years in the majors himself and as for managerial experience, he coached the red sox class a affiliate back in 2007. definitely a new school kind of guy. making announcement matt klintock said kapler's& background makes him the perfect fit for the job. kapler said quote i believe there's no bitter place to build a winning environment and i take that task very seriously. again feels like the phillies targeted him because of that progressive mindset and his philosophy. the sixers like most of us had a late night last night watching the washington, d.c. game. they were actually at the game. today mayor playing a game their own in houston.
10:54 pm
sixers up in the fourth quarter. jarrod gets the steal here. still on that play. joel embiid nice pass over to tj mcconnell. he drains the three. phillies take the ten-point lead. rockets get cutting into that. 76ers fighting, ben simmons had one heck of a game. beautiful dunk. led the sixers with 24 points. that is a career high. they took down the rockets, 11 115-107. flyers taking on winless coyotes team today once down three to nothing sun 33-two. claude giroux to sean could tour yea and we're noted up. this went went to overtime. coyotes with the puck. alex, that's going to be n arizona gets their first win of the season. not a good look for the flyers. they fall four-three. to para phrase, all the eagles do is within these days at least for the six weeks straight. with the nfl trade deadline on tuesday they're looking to be aggressive and why not bolster a roster that's likely headed for the playoffs.
10:55 pm
for the eagle it's all about finding the right that it for this program finding a guy that can transition seamlessly. >> it's got to be the right fit. i mean it can't just be anybody and, you know, for from my standpoint you don't want to disrupt the chemistry that is going on in the dressing room right now those guys are playing with a lot of confidence and rallying around each other. so it would have to be a pretty special fit, um, to make it wo work. >> roddy mcleod took a night off to celebrate halloween with killer cass sometimes. hello ken and barbie to hope a charity ping-pong palooza to raise money for the american association for cancer research a cause very close to his are a. >> i was affected by it by my grander fad that passed away of pantry yacht tick cancer my senior high of school. wee here to raise a lot of money because research costs. and hoping that everybody comes out and has a good time. while they relive their childish
10:56 pm
moments and play a little ping-pong. >> ezekiel elliot suspend again. federal ruling reinstates his six game suspension for a second time. this means he'll be out when the eagles go to dallas on november 19th. the first game he's eligible to be back for is december 17th in okay lap. lucy, you loved that costume. >> he and his girlfriend went as ken and barbie. >> right. >> with the full boxes. >> i know. >> like they're inside like the packaging. >> do they have the plastic? >> they didn't new york city. >> they had to breathe. [ laughter ] >> he did put it down. but the ping-pong palooza sold out. >> yeah. >> also had a chance to talk with two little girls battling cancer right now. that are doing well. >> good for them. >> and just so great to see them and rodney and a great cause, and a spirited one at that too. >> this was his big fundraiser, first one. congratulations. that is great. he wouldn't there, won on the field hopefully winning in weather. >> weather pretty good waking up to cold temperatures tomorrow
10:57 pm
morning. some 30s, 40s in the poconos it will be freezing. >> doesn't sound like winning. >> philadelphia in the 40s but a nice halloween. go to instagram kathy orr fox 29 and vote on if you like candy corn. >> no. >> you have to eat it in loll pieces. i do the segment. >> i don't like it. >> white and yellow and orange. it has wax in it
10:58 pm
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live from center city inphilades at 11. wife's did it pate plea tonight after police found her husband dead. a week has come and gone since someone killed that father and left his body in local middle school parking lot. his family they just want answers. thank you for joining us. i'm lucy noland. right now police say they're looking for several people. our brad sattin joins us live from darby borough with more on the investigation. brad. >> reporter: lucy, police are pretty baffled with this case. they really are in need of the public's help. brad haze was a father a grandfather, even great grandfather last monday night doing what a lot of us what doing watching monday night football with the eagles, but a few hours later, he was found dead. >> just if anybody out there has seen anything or knows anything just please come forward. please put my heart to


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